Friday, June 8, 2007

By Request

Oh sigh... the cufflinks...
Thank you Andrew for opening up a wound I thought was healed...This story will make Brad sad when he reads it, especially with the pictures...

After Brad and I got engaged I made the usual decisions, wedding colours, what I want the groom to wear, that kind of stuff. I knew I wanted Brad to wear cufflinks so we started doing some internet searching for a pair we both liked. After not very long we found these ones both Brad and I loved!
They were perfect. The right colour, an interesting style but still simple. They were a great price too £9.99, about $30 with shipping. So Brad ordered them. He got an email confirmation saying his order had been processed and then a second email saying his order was on its way. We were excited. Not too long after he got a third email though... this email said that the company didn’t actually carry this style, they wouldn’t be sent to them and his credit card was refunded. They weren’t on backorder, they wouldn’t ever get more. Didn’t carry the style? But we bought them off the website, there’s a picture! (There’s still a picture and we found them back in April!). We were unimpressed and really disappointed. We couldn’t look for days because nothing compared to the jet engine cufflinks. We would see some perfectly nice ones but compared to these they were awful.

I had a brilliant idea. There has been more than one occasion where Jenn has told me about the google searching powers of her friend Meenah. I figured someone else must make these cufflinks and I was sure if they were out there Meenah could find them. I sent out a plea for help. Jenn also passed the message on to Andrew who, apparently, is also a google master. I really was sure that it would be a mere matter of hours before the 3 of them found something.

Andrew showed the most promise... he found us these and was able tell us that we think the reason we can’t find the ones we want is because they’re a knock off of the ones he found. The problem is we prefer the knock offs and the real ones cost £45, about $135. That’s grossly outside our cufflink budget.

So there really was nothing left to do but forget about our perfect jet engine cufflinks. Brad took a couple weeks to let the memory fade and when he resumed he found, ordered and received something he’s quite happy with. I can’t remember what they look like or where he ordered them or I’d post a picture but I do remember that they’re nice :)
So there you have it, the painful cufflink story.


meenalu said...

hey laura-i didn't get an email from you asking for my awesome (and they are awesome) googling skills-or i totally would have helped. hope things are going well! meena

Unknown said...

Jenn was supposed to forward it on... maybe that's why we were unsuccesful, we were missing our expert :)