Friday, June 8, 2007

Cell Phone Pain

I know, two posts in one day, I should save this for tomorrow but I’m posting it now.

I very nearly cried...

This month my cell phone bill was $174! The last two months it’s been $140 so this month I really tried to make an effort to be careful... I failed, miserably.

It’s all this wedding stuff. I have these long conversations with my Mom and I have people to call, things to take care of... I can barely afford to eat after this pain though :)

So I’ve done what needed to be done. I called Telus and come Monday I’ll have a land line as well as my cell phone. It’s just a basic phone, the only feature I got was call display, we’ll get an answering machine and be good.

The best part though... I have my old phone number back again! The really easy one to remember that I had for 7 years. So if you ever had my home phone number you’ll have it again come Monday. And if you could do me a favour... please call the land line from now on, not the cell. At least until after the wedding and things get back to normal.