Friday, June 8, 2007

The Ring

I have an update on Brad’s ring... I blogged about this on the wedding website, I’ll add the original post so you can get caught up...

“Brad and I went shopping for his wedding band a while ago and found something we loved. They only had it in yellow gold and we want white so we ordered the white gold band and began to anxiously wait the 4 weeks for it to come in.

Last night I called them and they told me it was in so I went to pick it up. I gave the girl my claims ticket and she pulled out a little envelope and shook the ring onto the counter. A first glance was all I needed to know that this ring was absolutely not the one we picked out or ordered. This one has three diamonds on it and in summary was pretty darn ugly. So I told the girl that wasn’t the right ring. She looked it up on the computer and the product number they gave the manufacturer was right but somehow the manufacturer made, and sent the wrong ring.

You can understand my concern... we’re getting married in 4 weeks and that last ring took 4 weeks to get here. They were super nice about it and assured me the ring will be here on June 11th so let’s cross our fingers that they’re right :)”

Okay, now that you know the whole story I can continue it. Karen, the manager called me today to let me know that the ring is in! Yay, right? Well, there’s a catch. The ring we ordered was supposed to be 4 millimeters thick, the one that came in is actually 6 millimeters thick. I’m pretty sure we’re not going to like the thicker band... so Karen called the manufacturer and the right ring is on its way... will hopefully be here next week and will actually be the right ring this time.

Despite this whole mess I still have nothing but good things to say about Charm Diamond Centre. They’ve been so nice and so helpful and so apologetic. I would refer people there as long as you’re not in a time crunch :)


Unknown said...

Enough of this ring nonsense, we're all dying to know what's going on with the cufflinks! Cufflinks I say! Cufflinks!