Friday, August 24, 2007

Absent Friends

Brad and I were so excited, from work he got 8 tickets, plus dinner to the fireworks competition, which we love. What a great idea! We were thrilled to invite a bunch of our friends, but who to choose, there were so many options! So the narrowing down started.

We extended our first invite to Naomi and Dave and they were excited, yay, success!
We next called Ian and Jen, the perfect time to hang out with them, only Ian is out of town. Fine, we’ll take just Jenn and Invite Cora to take his place, only Cora has plans.
Fine, we’re 3 down and have lots of time... only now the trouble starts...

Jenn is out of town so Jenn and Nathan are out
Jane is out of town so Jane and Ken are out
Lisa and Brady are still on their honeymoon
Chris and Lynn just moved
Dan is in Idaho
Marissa and Brendan have plans
Lisa and Doug are moving that weekend
Kim and Andrew are going out of town
Julie and David are down in Magrath
Irena has to work
We found Janine who was excited but then had to cancel
And then sadly Dave and Naomi also had to cancel*

We did luck out and Ian became available but here we are, 6 hours before the event and we have 4 remaining tickets... it’s starting to be depressing.

We made a real effort... called more people than we could have imagined necessary... if we missed you I’m sorry, it wasn’t on purpose and if you read this in time then call me, we’d love to have you come! We’re now out of ideas and may have to try to scalp our tickets... it’s a bit of a sad day.

*Names are not listed in the order called