Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Friends & Family Rate

Brad decided a while ago that he’d start doing some DJ’ing, small stuff, mostly weddings, it’s a great way to make a little extra cash. We’ve done a bunch now, all of them for friends of ours so they’ve been given the Friends & Family Rate.

A couple weeks ago Brad got a call from Mindy Moore asking if Brad would DJ the dance for her Aunt’s Wedding. It took some scheduling but we decided it was worth it since for once we could charge his actual price. Mindy told us the location which we promptly forgot.

Jump forward to this past weekend, it was busy. Lots packed in. Friday we needed to help set up for Brad’s cousin’s wedding (Paul) and then rush down to the Fireworks competition. On Saturday while Brad was at work I would go help move his Sister and Brother-in-law. Brad would pick up the DJ equipment after work, swing by the house and pick me up so we could hurry over to the Family Dinner for Paul’s wedding. We’d be at least an hour late but it was the best we could do. After the dinner we’d hurry over to this other wedding and DJ. It was busy but well planned.

Friday was successful; we set up for the wedding and had plenty of time to make it to the fireworks. Saturday the moving went well. My Mother-in-law and I headed over with a carload to drop off and started visiting. I mentioned that Brad and I were going to have to leave Paul’s wedding so we could go DJ this other dance. She asked where it was and I said I wasn’t sure. All I knew was it was for Mindy Moore’s Aunt.

“Uh, Laura... Mindy Moore’s Aunt is marrying Brad's cousin.”

All this time, we never made the connection! Guess we should have written down the location eh? That may have triggered it. Needless to say the Friends & Family Rate was re-instated.


-Ry Smitty- said...


My name is Ryan. I have a question about your cousin Mindy Moore. I'm not going to ask particulars, but I was wondering if she and her family are from Long Beach California? If so she is an old friend of mine that I lost contact with close to ten years ago. If not... well nevermind then.

Unknown said...

Sorry to report but I'm 95% certain that Mindy Moore is not from Long beach California. Good luck witht the search though.