Thursday, August 2, 2007

My Winning Streak Continues!

Last night we finally opened and played our new game of Yahtzee.

It’s been years since I played and my memories are all of playing with my Dad... he was good at Yahtzee. I however was not good. I’ve never been very lucky at dice games, so while I was excited to play I was a little nervous too.

Brad and Cora and I played and the first game turned out much as I expected it would... I did not do very hot, in fact I was very obviously in last place. Determined to not end the game on such a sour note I insisted we play again (it didn’t take a whole lot of arm twisting). In my very first turn I lucked out and rolled the coveted Yahtzee!!! That helped my score for sure. The rest of the game continued on a positive note and come the end of the game I’d won! I was definitely surprised and now I’m excited to play again... it might be my new addiction.


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