Tuesday, January 29, 2008

12 Degrees

Picture it... -46 degrees outside, 12 degrees inside.

The oven is on, the door wide open, a big pot of water boils on the stove. The shower is running scaldingly hot as steam pours out of the bathroom. We’re quite proud of ourselves as we watch the temperature rise from 12 to 15, all the way up to 20! Success! Comfortable heat success.

The ice on the inside of our windows starts to drip and melt and us, feeling very proud of ourselves head to our cozy bed that we’ve made with two quilts and cranked the heated mattress pad.

It took about 15 minutes to be back down to 12.
Please make the cold spell end soon. I wasn’t built for this.


Brent said...

that humidity is only going to make it worse. i would definitely not run the shower/boil water.

Denise said...

Note To Self:

Include multiple space heaters on any future wedding registry.

Good luck! Hopefully it warms up soon.