Friday, January 11, 2008

Oh Betty

Today, being the most boring day you can imagine Sarah and I have been hating being here. Anything we can do to waste 1 or 2 minutes we do, even if it’s something as simple as taking my yogurt to the fridge. That definitely required two people right? We’ve done all the work there is to do and we’re now just bored!

So Sarah turns to Betty and says, “I’m so bored I’m about ready to slit my throat”

Well Betty got all concerned and says that maybe Sarah should talk to our boss if things are that bad. A little surprised Sarah assured Betty that it’s just a figure of speech and she’s not literally about to kill herself. Thinking the situation is over she goes back to being really bored.

A little while later actually having some work to do, Sarah went to ask our boss a question and noticed on her screen and email that Betty has sent stating that Sarah had used this phrase! Crazy eh? She really thought that Sarah was suicidal and was offended by what she said!

She sure is different than most people.


Julie Lewis said...

She totally reminds me of V from your other job.