Thursday, January 10, 2008

Not to Tall Anymore

Brad and I had this super crappy shower head. Brad had no problems with it but me being quite a bit taller did not appreciate that the water hit me at chest level and to rinse my hair I had to crouch a little. Over time I’d gotten used to this shower head and almost didn’t notice it. And then we went down to Utah for Christmas. We stayed in hotels for 5 nights and I so enjoyed the showers I took! No crouching or leaning or trying to make myself fit under a very short shower head.

I’d finally had enough so last night we made the trek to Canadian Tire where we had a gift card from the wedding and picked out a really nice Waterpik shower head. It’s on an arm so it raised up a couple inches, not one of those removable ones with the cord. I didn’t want one of those.

This thing is incredible! It’s like the most pleasant shower of warm rain you can imagine. The pressure is great and I actually fit underneath it! We waited so long because I didn’t want to fork out them money, I’m so glad we remembered that gift card! It’s changed showering as I know it.