Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Quiet Book Week - Noah's Ark {Template}

This page is one of my favourite's and it's definitely Catie's favourite (though Jonah is quickly climbing the charts). I'll admit it's a time consuming one but the little animals are so worth it.

Here's what the page looks like when you flip to it.

And with the door open. 

I used an adhesive velcro dot to keep the door closed.  I was worried the adhesive wouldn't be strong enough but it hasn't given us any troubles and it gets played with a lot. 

The polka dot on top is just ribbon that I cut to fit and sewed on.  The door to the ark is three layers of felt because I wanted it to be stiff, then I sewed the lines to give it texture (this page gives your book some serious bulk).

Here's a shot of the animals alone. 

I hand stitched the turtles and all the other small details (faces, pink of ears, hearts, giraffe spots and even the lions) but I was able to use my sewing machine for the giraffes and hippos.  Make sure you do all the details on the front of the animal before you sew on the back piece so you don't have messy stitching back there.  They're all stuffed with a little batting to give them some dimension (only the turtles shells are stuffed, not their bodies).

If you click the icon below you can download the template for this page.

Using the template cut out your pieces and sew them together using my tips from yesterday. 

To add the scripture reference at the top I used the computer to come up with a font and size I liked and then I printed it nice and dark.  Then I took my paper and placed it underneath my white square, I gently traced over the words with a pencil and then stitched them on.  I have a file with all the references I used and I'll give that to you to download at the end of the series.

Tomorrow will be What Catie Wore Wednesday as usual but Thursday we'll see David and Goliath, and Goliath is pretty fierce so you better come check him out.


Jenny said...

This one is totally cute! I've got my pages all planned, but haven't even started on my quiet book. I'm going to have to add this page to the pile!

Jan Messali said...

This Noah's Ark is fantastic! Do you ever sell your work? If so, please let me know where to find it. Thanks!
janmessali (at) gmail (dot) com

Miss Pippi said...

Amazing! Thank you for sharing!

Colton & Mindy Boyce said...

These are so cute! How did you sew the hippo head onto the body?? could you see the stiching in the back?

Toqua's Crafts said...

This is just too cute!

I have a friend that prints out what she wants to embroider and then just lays the paper on top and embroiders over the paper. When you are done just pull the paper away! I've tried it and it works good.

daniela said...

thank you ! I like it so much.

Ashley Mae said...

What size did you make each page? Sorry if you answered this already I didn't see it.

KD said...

Wonderful. I loved it eid

KD said...


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