Friday, November 21, 2008

Following the Leader

Popular Items / Movies / Movements I never got into

  1. Napoleon Dynamite – didn’t' ever see it
  2. NKOTB's Comeback
  3. Twilight – book and movie
  4. Pirates of the Caribbean – the second was laughable, I didn't see the third
  5. National Treasure - Causes much eye rolling
  6. The Rocket Summer
  7. The iPhone
  8. Skinny leg jeans
  9. Voting for anyone's baby – Vibe 98.5 Calgary's Cutest Baby Contest

Trends I Have Succumbed To

  1. Blogging - though I've been doing it so long I think I started before it was trendy
  2. Facebook - it took a long time but eventually I gave in
  3. iPods
  4. Gmail

I'm sure there's more I just can't think of any right now.

So I know, 3 posts in one day is a bit much but there's very little work to do and I'm feeling very opinionated.


Julie Lewis said...

Yes, you made me look bad by going on Facebook as I assured everyone in the MHS Class of 99 Group that you would never sign up.