Friday, November 21, 2008

Good Treat Gone Bad

So I'm starting to have misgivings about Starbucks… perhaps I should cut myself off.

I needed a little something to get myself through the morning. Something more than my usual steamed milk; I wanted something yummy, blended and with whipped cream on top.

After careful inspection of the menu board I made my selection, a Chocolaty-Chip Frappucchino listed in the Coffee-free section (they're really just cream and ice blended with flavoring).

It only took a sip or two before I suspected that it was not as coffee-free as advertised but I just couldn't be sure. I took a few more sips trying to ignore that after-taste and finally decided to just go ask the lady if she put coffee in my coffee-free beverage. She assured me she didn't so I headed back to my office, not totally convinced.

By the time I got back to my desk I was really unsure so I got a second opinion and had a co-worker taste it. We still couldn't decide so I took it to the website.

The "coffee-free" Chocolaty-Chip Frappucchino is made with mocha syrup.

It was sad to watch my $3.00 treat run down the drain but at least I only got half the calories.


Jenn said...

What's mocha syrup? is it just mocha flavor? I love coffee flavored stuff, so if it's not real coffee I'm tempted to go get one.

Unknown said...

It's a syrup so it wouldn't surprise me if it doesn't have any real coffee in it but I hate the flavour. It wasn't a strong taste, you'd probably love it.

Unknown said...


Turns out the Mocha syrup doesn't have any actual coffee in which I was happy to hear. I was also given a coupon for a free drink next time.

Great Customer Service Starbucks.

Evelyn_Su_xin_yee_FB said...

Maybe I should try coffee when I grow up.