Friday, November 14, 2008

Ice Cream Heaven

Okay, I know… I've been slacking lately but there just hasn't been anything blog worth.

For a couple weeks now Brad and I (okay so it's really mostly me) keep randomly suggesting that we make a trip to the Chocolate Bar but then it never really happens.

Well last night after dinner I again made the offhand remark that we should go, never actually expecting it to happen. Brad was serious though and jumped on my suggestion so we called the Anviks and it wasn't long before we were seated.

The Chocolate Bar is a small coffee shop on 17th Ave that sells nothing but desserts.
There was a slight hiccup in the ordering when there was no Carrot Cake or Belgium waffles but substitutions were made.

They make these sundaes… (what I'd been wanting every time I suggested)
They serve them in deep wine glasses and cover the top in real whipped cream, topped with a cherry and its ice cream heaven.

Mine was yummy with pecans and chocolate and caramel sauce, I highly recommend if you're craving something sweet. Go for the half order though, I can't imagine anyone eating a full order.