Friday, May 8, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We found a place to live! And somehow it ended up requiring nothing but patience, it sort of just fell in our lap.

Let me tell you about this house… First of all it's an actual house, not an apartment or a four-plex (which I would have been okay with, I love our current four-plex). It has three bedrooms which means Brad can have an office to study in. We'll have our own laundry, we won't even have to share with the basement. It has a dishwasher! and Air conditioning! You're probably thinking what we were, What houses have air conditioning in Lethbridge? Ours does! It's a reasonable price and in exactly the location we wanted to be in, it just couldn't be more perfect.

We have yet to sign a lease so we're sort of trying to keep our excitement down but by verbal agreement it's ours and we're thrilled.

Now we just need to organize the move…


Jenny said...

I am so excited!! Where is the house?

Michelle at peek-a-boob said...

Um I'm sorry but how did you write this entire post and not even mention that we are going to be NEIGHBORS?!