Thursday, September 30, 2010

Menu Planner

I've seen tons of menu planner's all over the blogs lately and honestly I've sort of looked and them and thought they were cute but unnecessary.  It wasn't until I looked up at my magnet board and saw this that I realized how much I'd like one.

Each week I pull out a piece of paper, a scrap of envelope, an old receipt or any piece of paper I can find and write up 6 or 7 meal ideas, then I make a grocery list based off of those meals.  The grocery list gets thrown away but the meal list stays up on the magnet board until I've made them all.  Sometimes they look fine (this list is a good looking one), sometimes they look less fine.

I think this is a big improvement.

I took a frame I wasn't using and spray painted it black.  It was ridiculously windy but I was impatient so I sprayed anyway.

I then used scrap book paper to fill the frame.  I added the red strip to the bottom thinking it will make a good temporary grocery list.  For example, I used up the last of the vinegar while making sweet and sour sauce for the meatballs so I added it to the list.  Next week when I come up with my new menu I'll add vinegar to the grocery list instead of forgetting until it's absolutely necessary and sending Brad on a quick run.

I simply write on the glass with dry erase and can wipe it off when I'm done the week.  I also cross off items as I make them.

It hangs here in my kitchen.  I would have liked it a little to the right but I rent and there was already a nail there.

I had visions of stenciling the days of the week on the glass because I think that looks really cute but I hate planning my week that way.  I don't like being tied to a specific dish, I like having the flexibility to make what I feel like.


Jolayne said...

OK, so this is the first project in a long time that I have looked at and said 'I have to do that!' I think Bryn and I will head to the store for a frame and markers this afternoon. Thanks for the inspiration!