Thursday, July 21, 2011

Strawberry Smoothie

Look at this, a brand new post!  This one is not a repeat.

I have a new smoothie obsession, I eat one for breakfast every day and sometimes a second later in the day.  They're great for me and delicious so I refuse to feel guilty about it.  The beauty of a smoothie is that you can put just about anything in them.  Today I thought I'd give my recipe for the most basic smoothie, you can build off this one to make some delicious creations.

First, here are you ingredients and I think these 4 are the building blocks to any good smoothie. 

So 4 main ingredients:
  1. Juice - Orange juice, apple juice they're both awesome
  2. Milk - This one is pretty obvious, you need the liquid to your fruit
  3. Yoghurt - This makes just the right consistency.  Any flavour works but I tend to stick with vanilla
  4. Frozen Fruit - I almost always use strawberries because you can buy big bags but as long as it's frozen it does the trick
Let's get on with the blending.

Start with your liquids and your yoghurt and put them in the bottom of your blender.  I know in the picture above there's a lime, it's my favourite addition and I'm sad when I don't have one but it's not essential.

Okay, here's where things get a little crazy.
Yes, that's spinach in there.  Sounds gross, I still can't quite convince myself that it's good so I only manage to add about 7 leaves, I'm getting better though.  I swear you can't taste it at all and it adds a ton of iron and other good stuff, you just have to get over the idea of it.  Add it to your liquids and blend it up.  Don't be afraid of those few flecks of green, you won't notice them.

Now add your frozen fruit, blend it up and your done.

Strawberry Smoothie
1/3 cup juice
1 cup milk
the juice of half a lime
3 tablespoons yoghurt
8 frozen strawberries

Now that you have the basic recipe you can change it up anyway you want.  I like to use two kinds of fruit, mango and strawberries being my favourite.  The second fruit doesn't need to be frozen either, just add it to your liquids and blend well.  Thicken with strawberries like usual and you have a whole new drink.

Happy Blending