Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What Catie Wore Wednesday #44

I've gone a little overboard with pictures today but we had a great weekend that's worth sharing, lots of first for Catie.  We went down to Magrath for their annual celebration and there were parades, fireworks, a mini rodeo (which she hated) and fun with cousins.

I've mentioned before that she loves to colour and the magna doodle is a perfect facilitator.  Love this cute nightgown.
Cousin Brendan has always loved backpacks, he carried it around everywhere putting in his treasures.  He turned three years old while we were there and one of his gifts was a new (really cute) dinosaur backpack.  He's a nice little boy and he gave his old Elmo backpack to Catie.  It looks so cute on her and she immediately filled it with rocks and pennies and any other treasure she can find.
Parade day was a lot of fun, here she's waiting for it to begin
In Magrath at the parade they throw out candy and it didn't take long before she understood what she was supposed to do.  She'd run over, pick up the candy and bring it back to her backpack.  We thought it would be plenty big to hold it all but it had to be emptied into a larger bag twice, she brought home a huge haul.

Waving to the horsies
Enjoying a sucker and her necklaces.  By the end it didn't matter if it was candy or garbage, she was happy to pick up both.  I was grateful we were down a bit from the horse poop so there was no chance of her confusing it for something else.

Later there was a petting zoo.  When I took her closer to the donkey she shoved it's head away, oops.  She did like the sheep though and would say, "Baaa" as we got close.
Walking home with Daddy.

We woke her up and took her to the fireworks later that night, we weren't sure what her reaction would be but we were pleasantly surprised when she loved them.  "Woooow", she'd exclaim and she loved the finale.

We'll  repeat the weekend next year for sure, she may even be old enough to participate in the rodeo and chase the chicken.


Jenn said...

Cute girl! What a fun weekend, I'm sad I wasn't there.