Thursday, July 14, 2011

Double Stroller Re-Cover {Re-Post}

I'm on vacation, posting old projects while I'm gone.  Hope it's a good filler.
This double stroller is the one I was talking about in Tuesday's Post.

Posting has been a little light this week and will probably continue to be for the next little bit.  I have a bunch of projects planned but they were all put aside as I worked furiously, obsessively, painstakingly on Michelle's stroller trying to get it done in time for her to take it home.

Michelle is in Edmonton for the summer and hating her stroller so when she decided to come home for a couple days we figured we could fix it for her.  The original plan was to have lots of time and work on it together but the modified plan involved much, much less time and me on my own.  Overall the project was a success but I have learned that I won't take on any more time sensitive jobs, it takes most of the fun out it.  These before and after pictures just might make all the difficulties worth it.  I was incredibly grateful that I had practiced on my stroller first.

The before

The peach was especially hateful and I feel you can't quite grasp the ugliness of the alphabet print from this far back so here's a close up.  This picture shows the alphabet and the plaid that you can see at the top of both seats.

I was asked for pics while I was working on the last stroller but I hadn't taken any and figured this time I would but I only managed to take one, there just wasn't time for any others.  So here it is, this is one of the sunshades all carefully taken apart.  From here I used the pieces I was replacing as a pattern to cut out my new fabric.  I then re-assembled the pieces and used the original trim to finish the edges.

The more I review the pictures the more the late nights seem worth it.  The $6.00 seam ripper made a world of difference.

As usual this re-do is far from perfect and we may need to do a little touch up when she's back but it's so far ahead of where it was that she was thrilled and I'm confidant I could tackle another.  Here's one last photo to showcase the pretty new fabric.


Tanya said...

Looks new again!

Sharon said...

I love the fabrics!! It looks brand new!

Brunette & Blessed said...

looks really great!

Jennie Holt said...

that looks awesome!! i would LOVE to do mine...but seriously freaks me out a bit. how much would you charge to do it??

Pratheesh Johnbosco said...

so nice of this one..very useful this one..its very easy to carry the child..great product..thanks for sharing here with us..seo greece

Mitz said...

Oh I forgot HOW terrible the before was!!!! I still love it and I still appreciate how much work you put into it! :)

Anonymous said...

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