Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What Catie Wore Wednesday #48

What a sorry blog this has been, for the past three weeks nothing but what Catie's wore.  So sad.  Well, it'll have to do for this week as well, sorry.

I like the one strap under her arm, she pulled it off repeatedly throughout the day


She's quite the climber, we went tot he park and she was all about climbing up this ladder.

Today we went to Calaway Park and Catie's cousins came with us, we had such a fun time.  The girls are pretty little but they were still big enough to go on quite a few rides.
The ball pit was loads of fun.  She carefully cleared a bunch of balls off the mat and then carefully laid down.
Riding a car all by herself.  She waved and said "bye" every time she came around.
The carousel was easily her favourite ride.  We went on it twice and she loved it both times.
We went to a wading pool today, it was hot and sunny and a great way to spend the morning.
She loves to play under the coffee table lately, she spent a good 10 minutes under there today.

She loves to play ring a round the rosie and today she stood in the box while she turned in circles and fell down.

Normally I wouldn't share these until next week but I loved them so you get to see them today instead.  There's lots of fruit around our house these days and Catie tried her first nectarine and loved it.  She ate very nearly the entire fruit.