Thursday, June 7, 2012

Body Pillow

I'm sure this is an incredibly boring post but it's all you get.

As I get more and more pregnant, my sleeping has become worse and worse.  I wake up just about every morning exhausted and my pillow count recently climbed to four.  I was relying heavily on my body pillow when I actually took the time to look at it the other day.

This is a pillow I bought when I was pregnant with Catie three years ago and I was cheap then too so I bought the most inexpensive one I could find.  It was finally time to get a new one and I can hardly believe the difference, check it out.

My old one is super saggy and flat in the centre and the new one is puffy and awesome.


Kristafee said...

I know what you mean, 7 years later I'm still sleeping with a body pillow. Seems like carrying that little 10 pound kiddo did something to my sleep patters and how I can get comfortable.

JL said...

4 years later i use a little couch cushion to snuggle. hubs gets way too warm! and he rolls around.

Foam-By-Mail said...

If you're looking for body pillows, try and find ones with removable covers or zippers. This way you can add more filling if it flattens over time, or, completely replace the stuffing with a different material if your support or comfort needs change!