Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What Catie Wore Wednesday #74

Last week I didn't take a single photo, this week wasn't a whole lot better, sorry.  Hopefully the cute video will make up for it.

I was finally sick of Catie's hair always looking terrible so I gave her a haircut.  It's only the third she's ever had and each time I've done the same thing, trimmed off the scraggely long bits from the back.  This time I trimmed some  "bangs" as well.  I thought she looked really cute in the cape and she was thrilled with the sucker.

She was helping me clean up by sweeping the patio.

We went to the zoo and this is where the girls sat to eat lunch.  They got a really funny scare when a peacock loudly turned up right behind them.

Catie's favourite game with a very awesome and willing Daddy, spraying him with a water bottle.  She thinks it's the best game.

And the aforementioned video, Catie riding her tricycle the best she's done yet.  It may have been short lived but it's such progress that we're thrilled.


Jolayne said...

Awesome video! Way to go Catie!