Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What Catie Wore Wednesday #75

I know it's been forever since I posted but the thought of getting all the photos together was overwhelming.  I actually have a couple projects and a couple days of posts to share with you, we'll just have to see if I get them together.  Today I have lots of photos and as long as I make time for it tomorrow should be a whole post of just Catie videos (possibly boring if you're not a Grandma).

Catie loves Magnadoodle's but the only one we've ever had was a tiny cheap one from the dollar store.  We'd dread when she'd bring it too us to play because the eraser was really difficult to slide but she'd draw such cute things like faces and we'd draw shapes together.  I finally decided enough was enough and bought her a real, full sized one.  She loves it, especially the shapes.

My cousin's daughter Alice had a 1 year birthday party that I went to and while there my super generous Aunt gave me $20 to buy a toy for Catie.  Clearly this shopping cart cost more than $20 but we made up the difference and she loves her cart.  She instantly put Mr. Brown in the basket and it's now full of all sorts of treasures.  After each nap she gets up and asks, "Where my cart?" (She didn't want me to take a photo, hence the unhappy look)

Another shopping cart photo, this one more true to real life since it's full of stuff.  She gets mad when the hot dogs fall out :)

While at that same birthday party my cousin gave me her old maternity pillow.  I cannot say enough good things about how this pillow has changed my sleeping.  I went from using 4 pillows to 1 and it's really improved my quality of sleep.  Sunday after church Catie crawled up into it and then called us in to see, she thought she was really clever.

We finally brought these chairs over from my in-laws and every day Catie loads them up with a toy on each (usually just like the picture below), always leaving one empty for herself.

This is what happens when I ask her to smile

Playing on the couch with Mr. Brown

Watching TV

We went to Calaway Park again and the girls rode the bouncy trucks

Brad's Brother and Sister-in-law invited us to a friends farm where they pulled out a sweet little pony and let all the little girls take a ride.  They got to brush Princess and ride her and they all adored it.  I'll share a cute video tomorrow.

She really did love it, despite the look on her face.

And lastly, fun with Mommy's phone.


Jbear said...

I recognize that pillow! I have a snoogle stuffed under my bed, I loved it. Worth every overpriced penny.