Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Kitchen Table and Chairs

My family was in desperate need of some new chairs.  The table we had was nothing great either, it was free and had that orange stain on it that was so popular but it did the trick.  The chairs however were another story.  We had 4 and were afraid to sit on 3 of them.  One of them especially had become Catie's chair.

For the past two years we lived in my in-laws house and used their very nice and sturdy table but as it came time to move to our own space we started to remember our chairs.  I follow a Facebook buy and sell page and one day a table and 6 chairs came up for $50.  Even if we only used the chairs that's still a steal.  The only problem is they were hunter green.  Not my style at all.  I couldn't pass up the cheap price tag though so I bough them.  I forgot to take a before picture but it looked a lot like this, only the wood parts are more blonde and less orange.

I did however take a picture of the chairs.

I knew it would be a ton of work but my Mom and I tackled the project anyway, and now it looks like this.

We sanded and taped for days.  Then used a paint sprayer but ended up with such a dreamy, white finish.  I love it more than I expected to and it's been perfect in our new house.

Here they are, all taped up. ready for painting

A couple of the legs had been chewed on by a dog so I filled the marks and they turned out so nice.

I'm especially proud of the parts where the spindles on the chairs meet the seat.  We tried to be careful with our taping and it paid off.

Here's an in progress shot

And check out these table legs. The far one has been painted with a brush, looks so awful hey? The front ones have a coat of paint sprayed on top. Love the difference. Paint sprayer is the way to go.

One thing that makes this table so perfect for us is that it was previously owned by someone who used a wheelchair. To accommodate that they removed the skirt from the end you can see here, it is a perfect fit for Eden's high chair. She slips right under, love it.

I'd love if the stain on the top and chairs was darker and perhaps one day I'll tackle that but for now I'm really happy with them and the finish is perfect for this house, it matches all the other trim in the house.
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Cathy West said...

Could you A: never take a picture of anything with your mother in that position B: point out that I do have other clothes. Those are paint clothes that appear in all your pictures. And, by the way. They do look awesome. Good job!

Karlee Christensen said...

It looks great!