Monday, October 13, 2014

Spice Shelf of Awesomeness!

I am so super in love with this piece of furniture.  This house has a really nice kitchen with a pantry but despite the room I just couldn't figure out what to do with all my spices.  I have so many and they always seem to end up in a basket so I have to dig every time I need one and it's such a pain.  I started searching Pinterest for spice storage solutions and this one from Classy Clutter was so perfect, I even had the space by my fridge but Brad and I aren't the handiest people.  Sure I can sew and paint but when it comes to the actual building I defer to Brad who is capable but does not have a love of it, meaning it probably wasn't ever going to happen.  I was still dreaming of it but figured it was nothing more than a dream. I mentioned it to my brother and he immediately got up and started measuring.  I knew my spice shelf would happen, if he was interested enough to measure then surely he would help me build it.  We went that very night and bought supplies.  Here it is all finished.

And here is my favourite brother (hope the others don't read this), helping me build my shelf.  He did all the cutting and designing, I was an awesome assistant doing my best to anticipate his every need.

We didn't use Classy Clutter's measurements, just her basic plan and we assembled it different to. We mitered the corners and didn't drill all the way through to add dowels like she did but the idea was all hers.

Once the pieces were all cut he went home and I sanded and painted all the individual pieces.  He then came back and we assembled it.  My favourite part of the painting though was the back.  I loved how Classy Clutter added a chevron design to hers and I knew I'd do the same only with stripes.  I used a tutorial from here on painting crisp lines and I can't believe how great they turned out.
I took this picture and would occasionally check it out on my phone to remind me of how nice they looked and on my phone screen it looked like a digital background.

So here is the space in the kitchen without the shelf

And the same space with the shelf
The handle I actually bought for a different project you'll see later but I accidentally bought the wrong size.  I'd bought it online so I didn't want to return it and this was the perfect use.  And hey, if you want to re-create this shelf and need a handle I have one more up for grabs :)

So the shelf sits on castor wheels and gets pulled out when needed. When not being used it gets tucked flush with the fridge. See how tall those top shelves are?  They even fit the large spice containers.

I also plan on using this for canned goods

 I can't wait to use it!
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Unknown said...

That is an awesome project. I have been looking for a good purpose for that empty space between refrigerator and wall. Thank you. I will have my husband do the building and painting. I'll handle decorating the back and arranging the spices. This way I will have more space on the cabinets.