Friday, July 17, 2009

Hoping to Settle

In our married life Brad and I have been pretty blessed, we really haven't had a lot of trials or difficulties (knock on wood). Our finances are well organized, we've both been well employed. We're healthy, have a great relationship and have been really happy except in one aspect… we seem to have difficulty with housing.

There was the first apartment where there was confusion about whether it was ours or not and then the whole heat debacle. We lucked out and found a lovely new place where we've been since January and we've enjoyed it a lot.

Then there was our Lethbridge house. We had everything lined up months in advance only to have it all fall apart a couple days ago. We were pretty stressed out about it as we have no time to go look at new places and we were supposed to move our things in a week.

One thing about me, I hate looking for apartments, I think it's a long, tedious and frustrating process and my previous landlord history has made me nervous to speak to them at all so I'm lucky I was blessed with a husband who takes care of that for us. I just make sure I'm real supportive and we're both happy. We were a little picky about this Lethbridge house. I really wanted 3 bedrooms, a dishwasher and I was not living on the West side, so when Brad sent me an email and photos of a house on the West I wasn't interested at all, until I looked at the first picture when I thought, "I'm in trouble". This house is beautiful, I'm not sure how you could turn it down. It's less than two years old, meets all our criteria (except the location) and is only slightly out of our price range (we can make it work). The move will not be as smooth as it will now involve a storage unit for a month but at least we know where we'll end up eventually.

Click on the photo below for more photos of our soon to be home.

Lethbridge House

Here's hoping the location sacrifice is worth it because I'm excited to have such a beautiful house.


Jenny said...

I will admit that I am a bit sad you won't be in our stake, but I am so glad that you found a place. Offer to help still on the table, and really, friends can live on opposite sides of the river!

Kim Hawryluk said...

Wow that IS an amazing house. If I could find one similar here in Calgary, I'd buy it in a heartbeat!

Ian Isackson said...

What a beautiful house Laura. Are you settled in Lethbridge yet?