Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Waddle

You've all seen it, the pregnant waddle.

I never understood what made a pregnant woman walk this way and I was fascinated to find out for myself. I couldn't figure out if it was the weight you're carrying or just what it was that brought on this condition. I was also fairly determined to not be a victim of it, let's admit it, it's not the most flattering.

Well I've figured it out (at least my experience), something no one mentioned to me… these very pregnant woman waddle because their poor feet hurt! It has nothing to do with the weight, the back issues or the exhaustion, it all about the swollen puffy feet and the inability to do anything about them.

I'm doing my best to avoid the waddle, often I catch myself and have to straighten up. I'm sure looking forward to having my feet back again.


Wes and Amanda said...

LOL...yes, I know the waddle. HOwever, I personally waddle for a very different reason. Not the weight, or the feet....but, I won't say what. I do feel as big as a house though! But, I love being pregnant.