Monday, July 6, 2009

Tree Frogs, Mosquitoes and a Surprising lack of Spiders

We read books, we took daily naps, we played games and swatted the mosquitoes away. We had the best s'mores you've ever had and we gained lots of weight from all the yummy food. There was a quick (very quick, it was cold) dip in the lake, a trip to the narrows and games played. Courtesy of the little kids play table we counted to 10 countless times and will forever have the La Cucaracha as a soundtrack to this last week. We laughed at Brad, stuck in the wetsuit, I tried to hold a frog and we went on an anniversary canoe ride. We scratched our mosquitoes bites, passed around the after bit stick and were completely ready to come home.

Why does it take so little time to be ready to go back?