Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Box

This crafting obsession is pretty new for me but there is one item that has made every single project possible, I go back time and time again and I'm never let down.  My best craft tool is the pink box.

The pink box belonged to my Grandma who passed away 15 ish years ago.  When she died it was passed on to my Mom who has loaned it to me.

Inside is the best supply of thread I've ever seen.  There will be not just orange thread but 8 different shades so I can find exactly the colour I was looking for.  Without it my quiet book wouldn't have been nearly as cute and it's saved me tons of money on thread. (This photo makes me wish I had a better camera along with the skills to operate it because this could have been such a beautiful picture.)

Underneath the tray are even better gems.  Snaps, Hooks and Eyes, Bias tape and buttons.  And just when I find a new project there's something inside it to help make it possible, like a kit to fabric cover buttons.

The box has it's quirks, don't even think about carrying it by the handle (that was the tip Mom gave me, she found out the hard way).  The thread is old so sometimes it causes problems, it's so tightly wound that occasionally it winds itself around my needle and I'm surprised every time that it can still smell so much like stale cigarette smoke but it only adds to the character of the box and it makes me think of Grandma every time I craft.


chefwest said...

I think there must be something in the water down there.

Jenn said...

I love that it smells like cigarette smoke. It makes it truly Grandma's. What does James mean, "something in the water?"