Thursday, April 29, 2010

Shelf Accessories

There were a few additions I knew I wanted to make to the shelf and lately they've really come together.

I was worried about my sewing machine scratching the surface since it will be moved a lot so I came up with a simple place mat to put underneath it.  I love the way the fabric looks with the pink box and the red shelf (it's the same fabric I used for Catie's chair).

I also wanted a pretty dish to sit on top where I could keep the items that get used the most often like a seam ripper, scissors and pins.  I had planned on stopping by Value Village to find something that I could spray paint but I found this glass, black dish at Walmart for only $6.  I figured a can of spray paint would cost about that much and I really liked the dish.  It's the perfect size and hold just what I need it too.


Mitz said...

It looks fantastic and that fabric is perfect for tying it all together. I think that's the exact same dish I have my rocks and candle in in my bathroom.