Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Saucer Chair Update

As planned I took apart the saucer chair.  I added a second layer of batting and cut off a half inch all around.  I sewed it back together, replaced the bias tape (sadly not quite as beautifully the second time around) and replace my zig zagged tuffting.  The tuffting was a great improvement over the first try.

Here's the new chair, though it's hard to tell in the picture it really is a big improvement.  It now looks soft and comfortable and less floppy around the edges.

Here's a photo of the original, before the addition of the second layer of batting.  See how this one is all smooth but the above one is all puffy?

And here's a new picture of Catie in the chair, just because she's adorable.


Jolayne said...

The new one looks great!