Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shirt Re-fashion

I keep seeing all these women doing great alterations to their clothes and today I tried my hand at my first.

I bought a shirt at Old Navy a while ago and it's a fine shirt, not the best I've ever owned but I like it.  One day while doing the wash I threw it in the dryer because I couldn't be bothered to hang it.  It actually turned out to be a happy accident because it ended up fitting a whole lot better.  Before the shrinkage it had been too big in the armpit area, you know when it hangs funny?  After the wash it fit just like it should except that the sleeves ended up looking like this.  Which in case it isn't clear is about 3 inches too short.

I've just been pushing them up and dealing with it but they don't stay and it's really annoying.  I finally had the brilliant thought that I should cut them off.  Tonight that's what I did/  They're now short sleeves and 100 times more comfortable.  I'm really happy with the turnout.