Friday, August 20, 2010

Cookie Salad

Have you made Kebob Salad yet?  Wasn't it yummy?  Now you know that I only give you my best recipies so here's the next.  I had this recipe last night and it knocked me upside the head it was so good.  I've thought of almost nothing else since, so under the guise of playing games we invited people over tonight so I could have an excuse to share this with you.

That's right, Cookie Salad.  It's a salad, it's good for you right?

I'll be the first to admit that this isn't the most beautiful dish but taste far outweighs looks in this one, trust me.  And let's be honest, there's not much in it that's good for you but just go with it, be in the moment and enjoy.

Here we go...

The recipe calls for a tub of Cool Whip but I'm not super fond of it so I replaced it with real cream.  If you're going to substitute like me then here's where you whip your cream.  I sweetened it too, Cool Whip is sweet so I added a little sugar and vanilla.

While your cream is whipping open a package of chocolate drizzled shortbread cookies.  I'm sure you've seen them, they're easy to find and apparently you can get them at the dollar store (I got mine at Safeway).  Empty your package into a ziplock bag (or if you used the last one on something else today a bread bag works too).  Give them a good smash with a rolling pin but not too much, you want some good cookie chunks.

I had a brilliant idea... you know how when you crush stuff with chocolate lots of it gets stuck to the bag?  I decided to throw my cookies in the freezer first to harden the chocolate.  Sadly I didn't have this brilliant idea until it was time to smash so give it a try if you make these, it might work.

While your cream is still whipping (or while it sits in the bowl if it's done already), mix your buttermilk and pudding and whisk real good so there aren't any lumps.

To your pudding mix add everything else.  I tossed in my cream, then my cookies (heh, heh, I tossed my cookies) and then some berries.  Give it a good mix and you're done.

I used blackberries and raspberries but you could use whatever you want.  I didn't use a ton of them either about half of each package.  After I'd tossed them in I wished I'd cut up my blackberries a bit since they're so big but it was too late so even though the recipe said to fold in the whipped cream which usually means be gentle, I did more of a chopping action with my spatula trying to smash the blackberries a bit.  There's no messing this up.

Let it all mingle together in the fridge for a bit and you end up with something far yummier than I had anticipated.  In fact when I first dished myself I took quite a small bowl, I expected mushy cookies but I was very wrong.  Take a large bowl, you won't regret it.  It's also delicious a day later, and for breakfast.

Cookie Salad
2 cups buttermilk
1 package vanilla pudding
1 large tub Cool Whip (or 1 cup whipping cream, sweetened and whipped stiff)
1 package chocolate drizzled shortbread cookies, smashed into bits
1 cup (ish) Fruit of your choice

Whisk buttermilk and pudding mix.  Fold in Cool Whip, cookies and berries.  Refrigerate and serve.


Tiffany Mallard said...

Cookie salad is a favorite at our house. I use fresh pinapple, grapes, and strawberries in mine though. Gonna have to try the berries!

Jolayne said...

I think I'm just going to stop cooking any recipe that I didn't get from you. This sounds fantastic!