Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday #1

This is a bit of a step away from what normally goes on here but I thought it would be good for me and it's just one post so bear with me.

Michelle decided to participate in Pleated Poppies What I Wore Wednesday (and you should check out Michelle's first week, it's so so cute!  It puts my week to shame so on second thought, maybe don't go check it out :).  What I Wore Wednesday, my interpretation of it anyway, is an attempt to get out of style ruts and wearing pajamas every day (for us stay at home Moms).  The thinking is if you take a picture of what you wore everyday and then share it you'll be more inclined to make an effort.

My first thought when I read about it was, "I think I could go three days before I started wearing the same thing again!"  Then I realized just how depressing that was so I went out and bought a couple new shirts and some new pants.  I'm by no means a very fashionable person but I am a person who had started to get really lazy about getting ready each day.  I only plan on participating this week and please don't judge my very small and unexciting wardrobe.

I did learn through the week that I desperately need a hair cut and that I don't particularly enjoy getting ready every day.  Also if I did this regularly I'd feel the need to shop a lot.  I'm looking forward to being a little more lazy this next week (I know, not the point of this at all). 

So here we go.

Not a great photo, taking them of yourself is hard! Next time I'll make the bed.

T-shirt, Old Navy.  It used to be long sleeve but I cut them off.
Tank Top - Shade.  You'll see these almost every day
Capris - Reitmans.  I realize you can't see the bottom but don't worry, you`ll see them tomorrow too.
I wore this with cheap Old Navy flip flops.  Perfect for a picnic at a spray park.

I had Brad photograph me today, much better

 T-shirt - Old Navy.  It needs some of those cute fabric rosettes that are on every blog.
Capris - Reitmans.  yeah, the same from yesterday. Time for a wash, they look pretty wrinkly.
Earrings - my friend Brandy made them for me years ago
Shoes - Cheap $3 flip flops from Old Navy (you can expect to see these everyday.  It's what I wear in the summer since I have huge feet.

 It was at this point I realized how boring this was going to be for everyone so I decided to have Catie join in with me, her wardrobe is way more interesting than mine anyway.

Today was an eventful day for her.
  1. This was worn to the park for Mom & Tots this morning only no one else showed up... sad.  Her jeans are wet from crawling in the grass.
    Green shirt - Children's Place
    Jeans - Mexx Outlet
    Shoes - I know there's no photo but they're cute pink runners from Walmart
  2. Then she threw up on herself and ended up like this for a good chunk of the day.  Definitely an exception around here.
    Diaper - Teddy Ultra brand from Superstore
  3. After nap time this is what she wore for the afternoon
    Strawberry T-shirt - Carters, time to retire it as it's a little short but just so cute.
    Jean shorts - Old Navy
  4. The shoes are my favorite tiny flip flops from Old Navy, she wears them often
  5. One more photo to show them on her cute feet

 T-shirt - Motherhood, Yeah I know it`s a maternity shirt but it`s comfy and it was supposed to be 33 degrees today so I was looking for cool
Tank - Shade
Pants - Brown pants that covert to capris, Reitmans
Shoes - Flip flops from Payless

I`m learning that it`s real hard to photograph little girl`s outfitts so they tend to get taken at different times.  No way to show all pieces at once and still get a good photo.

T-Shirt - H&M
Jean Shorts - Old Navy
Belt - Made by Me
Shoes - Flower flip flops from Payless

We sported matchinig toenails today too

I really don't have any mirrors that I can take a picture standing in front of so I've taken to sitting.  This may mean you get two photos, far away and sitting, close up and standing.  Especially since I thought the close up was a much better picture.

 T-shirt - Ruffled top from Jacob
Tank - Shade
Pants - Reitmans - The same from yesterday only rolled down
Flip flops from Payless
Earrings - The Plaid Giraffe in Edmonton

And now what you really care about...

T-shirt - Old Navy
Jeans - Double button Bookcut from Old Navy (I LOVE these on her)
Shoes - White Jelly shoes from Anabanana (thanks Michelle, I bought these using that gift certificate you gave me)

I thought the shoes were so cute they deserved a close up


Paisley Shirt - Walmart
Black Cotton Skirt - My Mom just gave it too me, not sure where it came from
Black flats - Herberger's

White puffed sleeve onsie - Carter's (it's a little snug I know)
Red polka dot skirt - Carter's as well
Shoes are the same as yesterday - Anabanana  (I just realized today that she only has 4 pairs of shoes that fit her right now so you're bound to see duplicates)
Necklace - Made by me


 Green shirt - Old Navy
Jeans - Additionelle
I didn't think you needed a photo of the cheap flip flops I wore with this
Headband - Made by me (sort of)

But if I'm honest it didn't take very long for the above to morph into the below, I just wanted to be comfortable.  I traded the headband for a ponytail.

Reitmans Capris, again.

Catie wore...

White T-shirt - H&M
Skirt - It's on loan from Gwen, from Please Mum.
Shoes - Gift from her Great Aunt Margo, Superstore.
Necklace - Made by Me

As you can see I'm now coming to the end of my summer wardrobe.  Everything I'm wearing I've worn in previous pictures so I won't bother with a breakdown of my clothing, we'll just move onto Catie's.

White Onsie - Carter's
Blue Tank - Children's Place
Bootcut Jeans - Old Navy
Pink Crocks - I'm not sure where they came from. I think there are two ways Crocks should ever be worn, on little kids feet or for gardening.

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Denise said...

cute. i like that you posted what your daughter wore. i've been thinking of posting my kids instead of me for a wiww.

Mitz said...

Yay! I'm so glad you did it!!! You look adorable too, I like that green top and I'm loving the versatile capris/pants combo.

Kristin said...

Great summer outfits. It's so hard to take good pictures of yourself in the mirror, I agree. Your little one is adorable!!

Jenna said...

I totally agree with your comment about Crocs... only acceptable on kids and for gardening! And I LOVE Catie's Old Navy jeans... so cute!