Thursday, August 5, 2010

Umbrella Stroller Re-cover

So I have a beautiful stroller that I re-covered and I'm very happy with it but it's kind of big.  Sometimes you just want the easy little umbrella stroller so I've been using this. 

 One day I realized that I push around this beautiful large stroller and an awful Umbrella so it's time to do something about it.  Let's be honest, this stroller obviously isn't finished.  As much as I love the classy black circles with the multi-coloured animals I do have plans to make them match.  The problem being that the sunshade is held on with rivets.  I looked up instruction on how to remove them, it involved a drill so I waited until Brad was ready to help me.  We got all set up, put in a bit and started to drill.  The rivet looks exactly like it did when we started and now we have a broken drill bit.  Time to come up with plan b.

This stroller cover was just like all of the others.  Take it apart, use the original as a pattern, put it all back together.  The only snag being I took my sewing machine in for some maintenance so the putting back together waited about a week.  I made sure to pin things how they should go so I wouldn't forget and it was a pretty smooth project only involving a small amount of unpicking.

My favorite part is the bright blue on the back.  The original fabric was kind of heavy duty but I wanted to use what I had on hand so I bought some cheap broadcloth and doubled up my fabric, black on the front and blue on the back.  I'll do the same on the sunshade and it will show a bit more.  You can see it best down by the seat of the cover.

Now I just need to get that sunshade taken care of, any suggestions on how to remove rivets?


Jenn said...

Sorry, I don't even know what rivets are.
The stroller is cute!

Mel said...

Your project inspired me and gave me the confidence to recover both my umbrella strollers! Thank you! And your strollers are so cute! BTW, I linked to your blog from my post.

Unknown said...

i'm going to attempt this what type of fabric did you use?

Mel said...
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jason said...


jason said...

I used an umbrella stroller for my daughter in Bali and found it really useful. The paths can be difficult to manage at times with a stroller but generally, it is fine. Big prams are useless for Bali conditions and street walking.