Friday, December 3, 2010

Art Smock

I recently finished two projects that I'm really proud of, they both turned out so well and they go together so I thought I'd post one yesterday and one today but then yesterday I was more sick than I've been in a really long time so yesterday's post is now today's post and today's post will have to be Tuesday's post since Monday is SAMM.  (wow, run on sentence for sure)

I'm also taking a risk with these two projects.  Last year I didn't make very many Christmas gifts but this year I'm trying to make more than I buy, the down side to that being while I want to blog so you can share in the fun idea it's possible the recipient is a blog reader.  I don't believe she reads my blog, at least not regularly so I'm going to take a chance and post them here but hopefully I'm not ruining the surprise and if you suspect these two gifts are coming your way let me know before you see the awesome second part so you at least have a small surprise.

The first part of this gift is this cute art smock.  A great way to keep a little girl clean from glitter, glue and any other art project supply she uses.

Obviously this smock is a little large for Catie but it's going to an older girl so it should fit just right.  I used Make it and Love It's tutorial and it turned out really well.  The only change I made was to make my own bias tape and instead of using ribbon I used fabric that I sewed into a tube.

Here's a better picture of the front and back

Make sure you come back on Tuesday to see the better part of this gift.