Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Catie's Christmas Dress

I don't know where this Christmas dress tradition came from but I'm not one to go out an buy Catie a fancy dress that she can only wear once or twice.  Lucky for Catie she has an Aunt who works at an awesome second hand store and found this dress for her.

It fits her really well and has cute silver threads that run through the dress, it also has a little crinoline underneath to give it some shape.  The ribbon though I just couldn't get on board with.

It's that fuzzy, velvet ribbon and I thought it made the dress look like it came from Walmart (it does come from Walmart), so I did what I do best and pulled out the seam ripper.

Using some raw silk I created a new sash that has tails hanging down the back.  I think it's a huge improvement and look so sweet now, not over the top Christmas either (which is what I was going for).

and the back

Here she is modelling.

I'm pretty sure her shoes won't fit by Christmas.

This back shot was ridiculously difficult to get.  Normally when taking pictures of Catie all I get is her back but today she would not co-operate, I finally got this crummy shot.


Jolayne said...

So cute! I love the new sash - definitely an improvement.

Bryn's Christmas dress is one we borrowed from Renee and she's worn it 2 Christmases in a row now - it was really big on her last year.

Sophie said...

Gorgeous! You're very clever!

Andrea said...

I really love the sash. Such a sweet dress. I hope you link up to Make It Wear It at TheTrainToCrazy.com

Unknown said...

How sweet! I wish I would have been that creative when my girlies were that little! Merry Christmas!

MaryAnne said...

What a simple way to up-fashion the dress!

erin said...

We have those dresses--gifted to us. I never thought about replacing the ribbon, but I did add some shimmery red fabric to the bottom since the dresses were a little too short for my liking. Awesome!