Thursday, December 16, 2010


That's right, I said chaps.  This project was certainly a different one for me, I've never worked with leather.

My brother is making these chaps, and you should be amazed to know that every stitch in the picture below was sewn by hand.

My part in this project was actually really small, he wanted a fringe sewn onto each leg but he either lacks the sewing machine or a strong enough machine to handle the job (I'm not sure which) so he handed them to me.  I felt confidant that if my sewing machine can handle car seats and strollers it could handle chaps.  I picked up a leather needle and some heavy duty thread and sewed them on.  It wasn't quite as smooth as that and I learned that sewing with leather is no fun but the job got done and the difference is amazing, they look so good now.
The chaps don't have all the buckles yet, they still need the ones to attach around the leg but I did my best to show you what they'll look like when finished.


Jenn said...

Really? Why in the world is he making chaps? I thought they were for Riley, and that made sense, but I see that they're for a "grown-up."

Unknown said...

Remember over the summer he worked at a place that did trail rides? I think he wants to work there again this summer.

Unknown said...

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