Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Blog Year in Review

I'm not a bandwagon jumper, normally when a trend starts I hop off and try to do something unique but this time I'm jumping up next to everyone else.  On just about every blog these days you can find a list of most popoular posts in 2010 and I've loved reading them.  Since I already have a list of those on the sidebar to the right I thought I'd share my personal favorites.  Now I do have a favorites tab and so most of these will be repeated but I'm doing it anyway, hopefully you'll enjoy.
10. Office Chair Makeover

Our dumpster chair got a makeover and looks so chic and is comfortable.  This project turned out so beautiful but gets the number 10 spot since the paint never did adhere very well to the plastic.  I learned though and I'll be smarter next time.

9. Bouncy Chair Re-Cover
I feel like this bouncy chair re-cover was the project that started it all.  I'd never re-covered anything before but I loved the end result so much that it made me look at baby items with new eyes.  This project took 7 hours the first time, I've since done another and plan on doing 3 more in the coming months.  My time has gone down significantly.

8. Quilled Monograms

I did three of these this year and I loved them all.  If frames weren't expensive and heavy to mail I'd do giveaway after giveaway so I had a reason to keep making them.

7. Craft Shelf

Ana White makes us all feel like furniture building pro's, thanks to her plans my husband and I built this shelf to organize all of my craft supplies, 8 months later I'm even more thrilled with it.

6. Quiet Book

I finished this book so long ago and when Catie was little that I almost forgot to pull it out now that she can finally do a few of the activities.  So far she loves to pull the apples off the tree and that's about it.  I've made this a Sunday church activity only so we don't play with it during the week but if I forget to put it away Catie will find it and carry it over to me so we can play with the apples.  It makes me feel like all that time was worth it.

5. Door to Headboard

This super simple project had problem after problem but the end result was beautiful.

4. Stroller Re-Cover

I felt like this project was my finest work until this point.  I was really proud of the sewing and the quality of my work and the before and after is still surprising to me.

3.  Art Bucket Tutorial

So many project I do are just ideas I found from another blog but I felt like this idea was fairly original and turned out just how I'd imagined it in my head.

These chairs speak for themselves, the stencil added just the right touch.

Every time I get in the car I see this and I'm still so pleased with it.  I think the fabric choice was a great one and like the stroller the sewing was quality and it ended up looking very professional. 


Mitz said...

I'll say it again - you are one incredibly talented girl! You should be proud of yourself! What a great year you've had considering that bouncy chair DID take an entire day, haha! You always impress me.

Tammy @ she wears flowers said...

Makes me jealous! You have serious skills!!