Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Microphone Stand Case

Brad has a pretty big family (6 kids and they're all married with kids).  We get together for everyone's birthday which means there are lots of celebration.  Being on a strict school budget we generally only give birthday presents if I can think of something really cheap to make.  This means that usually the men in the family don't get a gift (have you ever seen a project on here for men?).  I always try to think of an idea but come up empty handed... lucky Byron is going to be the first to change that.

Him and my husband share a talent/hobby of music.  They're both very musical but the aspect I'm talking about is recording.  They've recorded choirs and plays and bands and all sorts of events meaning they have a ton of equipment that has to be hauled out every time.

My husband had mentioned once that I should make him a case for his microphone stands.  I'd said you bet and filed it away in the back of my mind since it wasn't a project I was excited about.  This is a perfect gift for Byron though since he has two of his own stands.  I think they're the worst to carry places.

We have some camp chairs that fit in bags and the size of the bag was almost the perfect size and shape for the stands, just a little short.  So I added some length and copied the design.

For the fabric I wanted something pretty stiff so it would hold the shape.  Canvas was the best I could find and it really doesn't hold it's shape well, the finished bag sort of looks like a pile of fabric but it's functional so I'm looking the other way this time.  You can read my post yesterday about the fabric, I had to dye some canvas to get black.

This bag easily holds two stands with room for probably two more.

I think my favorite part of this bag is the zipper though.  I made a new years resolution to put in a zipper this year and I was pretty intimidated.  I thought it was tricky but in the end I think it took 10 minutes and one try.  It was super easy and looks really good.

I can already check off one resolution and it's not even February.

(The fabric doesn't look quite as bad as this photo would lead you to believe.  Darn that flash and night time pictures).

Now I just need to make one for Brad too (he's quite jealous that Byron got one before he did)