Thursday, February 17, 2011

Necklace Update

Recently I've really been trying to make more of an effort when it comes to my appearance.  That includes taking more time on my makeup and wearing more accessories.  I picked up this necklace at Payless shoes, I love the combination of the beads and chains and at $12 the price was right.

I really felt like I wanted it to be just a little bit longer though.  This length was a little uncomfortable to wear so I added some satin ribbon to the back to give myself some extra inches.  Now it hangs like this

I know it looks like hardly any change at all but it feels much more comfortable now.

The necklace looks like this now (sorry, no before of it on it's own but it was just a standard chain and lobster clasp).

I realize the ends of the ribbon are unnecessarily long but I'm too nervous to cut them shorter.


Unknown said...

hey that looks great, i like the longer length and the ribbon fancies it up, nice re-do

Shellyhectic said...

very clever!