Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day Food

Updates to my blog lately would have you believe I've done hardly anything lately and the little I have done has been food related.  This isn't true at all though.  I've been sewing like a mad woman, obsessively working on a project that I'm so proud of, I can easily call it my best work yet (it also happens to be the most frustrating project yet).  I've also sewn a second project though both of these are gifts so they can't be posted until I give them, which will be soon.

Since I can't post the awesomeness I'll just keep to what I've been posting lately, food.

For Valentines Day I did what so many other women have done and made my darling a heart shaped pizza, complete with heart pepperoni.  

I've seen this done so often it almost seemed mundane but I forgot the important thing, Brad doesn't read all the crafty blogs and he hasn't ever seen this done.  He was very impressed and it was extra delicious.  I also made some bread sticks that were a letdown

and the most incredible cheesecake pops.

I expected them to be delicious but wasn't quite prepared for just how much I'd love them.  I dipped them in chocolate and then in graham cracker crumbs, toasted pecans, skor bits or drizzled with white chocolate.  They knocked our socks off and I can't wait to eat more of them tomorrow.

My best best friend Brad bought me some lovely tulips and dark chocolate covered almonds.  We celebrated the day with hockey and sewing, something for both of us.

It was a delicious day and you can bet you'll see cheesecake pops again.


Amanda said...

mmmmmm the food looks so good! What a lucky husband you have! I will def try those cheesecakes pops!

Emily said...

Yum!! That all looks wonderful!

Mitz said...

That pizza is adorable and those pops were AMAZING! :)