Saturday, February 5, 2011

Project Frustraion

I've just had one of the most frustrating project experiences I've ever had.  It's a problem that defies all logic and no matter how many times I try it won't work.  The fix is going to require a ton of work, lots of adjustments and more supplies; I'm mad.  Until this point this was a project that I was super pleased with.  Lots of little individual parts that get put together to make an awesome finished product.  Not only am I re-covering something truly ugly but I'm completely re-designing the style at the same time, that is if I can ever make it fit like it should.  Mad! Mad! Mad!

I needed to vent, I needed it off my chest, I needed to share with you.  Tomorrow I'll start with renewed stamina and things will be great but tonight I'm just upset.


Mitz said...

That's awful, I'm sorry! I'm surprised I didn't get a call, haha! Hopefully you can work it out - is it on the bassinet?

Carla said...

No fun! Hope you get it figured!!