Tuesday, May 22, 2007

6 Weeks and Counting

When you were a kid what kind of vacations did you go on?

We went on road trips. Long drives that didn’t just get us to our final destination, they were part of the destination. We’d drive to California, camping along the way. Staying in KOA’s with freezing swimming pools, showers and electric outlets. We’d eat eggs, sausage, bacon, pancakes for breakfast and steaks for dinner. We’d hit up all the sites along the way, the Grand Canyon, Lewis and Clark caverns. Once we got there we’d see everything there was to see, after all, you may never make it back. Disneyland, Sea World, Universal Studios, Notts Berry Farm, Cotton Fields, Great Sequoia Trees, Venice Beach... you name it, we saw it. They were world wind trips, busy and scheduled so by the time we got home we needed a vacation from our vacation.

As I’ve grown up I’ve come to realize that these aren’t my kind of vacations at all. Now I love to go to Hawaii and sit in the ocean for days. I didn’t go to Pearl Harbour, I didn’t go to the Pineapple fields, I went shopping, I went for dinner and I sat in the ocean. Perfect.

I went to London, I saw Broadway shows, I shopped, I loved it. I went to one museum. I didn’t see the crown jewels, I didn’t see much of anything else... perfect.

This weekend I went to Shushwap lake, to a cabin accessible only by boat. We sat, we lounged we dipped our feet in the water (it’s much to cold to swim this early in the season). We cooked and napped and visited. Perfect.

Here’s to a week in Puerto Vallarta in 6 weeks, here’s to lounging on the beach, swimming with the dolphins, zipping through the rainforests and loving every minute of it!