Friday, May 11, 2007

Favorite Sister-in-Law of the Month

So last night was that special day all engaged couples get to look forward to. The invitation stuffing day!

Due to some unforeseen complications we ended up only having one night to stuff our invitations, we'd been hoping to be able to do it all week but it just didn't happen.So when we knew last night was the night I tried to call a couple friends and get us help... unfortunately for us the ones I called happened to have plans. My favorite roommate of the week was there and was a wonderful helper but Rosie, my future sister-in-law was such a trooper. She was there the whole time with us, staying late to help stuff.
She's easily secured the prestigious position for the whole month :)
(To give the others some credit Rosie was the only sister-in-law that we called)