Friday, May 25, 2007


Things I will not miss about the duplex
  1. Roommates (don’t get me wrong, I love them, just ready to have one eternal one)
  2. Collecting rent money
  3. The clothes dryer that leaves little burn marks on my unmentionables
  4. The spider problem that appears in my room every spring
  5. The Really tiny bedroom
  6. Paying to heat the house - we wore a lot of sweaters
  7. Having specific cupboards in the kitchen for each girl... having all the cupboards will be such a dream

Things I will miss

  1. Doing laundry for free, coin operated is going to be an unwelcome change
  2. The storage space
  3. The hard wood floor upstairs
  4. The regular size oven (as opposed to the apartment size I’m about to have)
  5. The summer coolness of my basement bedroom
  6. Dave for a neighbor