Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I'll Miss Someone

I have this fear... I’ll plan a party, invite everyone I love but in the end discover that I missed someone. Or I’ll want to serve really good food at said party but I don’t want to make a ton so I try to limit the amount of people I invite. I’m not very good at that.
What if they hear I had a party and weren’t’ invited, then they’ll feel bad. And I love them, I want them to come. So in the end I normally just make lots of food instead. I prefer it to the other option.

Normally this problem affects no one but myself, if I want to throw a big party then it’s fine, I can provide for them. No big deal, I’m prepared to deal with the masses.

It’s coming time to have some wedding showers. I’ve had some wonderful people graciously offer to host and I so appreciate it. I’ve made up guest lists for them. Uh, they’re kind of big. I’m really trying, I swear... I just don’t like leaving people out.

I’ve cut a few people here and there but how do you decide to cut someone? There are people that I want there... I’m doing my best, I’m sorry if it’s inconvenient.