Monday, May 28, 2007

Thank You's for Everyone

Thank you Kim for throwing me such a fun wedding shower, I had a wonderful time. It was fun to see friends I hadn’t seen in a while, I’m so glad you came Shelley.

Thanks you everyone for coming, I loved visiting with you and I loved the gifts.

The beautiful wooden bowls and yummy chocolate from Bernard. The really great lights that Brad and I love. The cozy blanket and cuddle kit. I’ve been trying to get people to play Yatzee with me all weekend, so far I’ve been unsuccessful. My plans to make muffin tops were postponed but definitely not forgotten. I’m excited to take the bathtub in my new place for a test run will my yummy soaps and lotions. Brad was so excited to see the onion soup dishes and we can’t wait to try out the awesome picnic basket. We scrounged for food yesterday and it wasn’t until we were sitting down to eat that I remembered the pasta kit... that would have been perfect. Another day for sure.

Thank you again, I hope you had as much fun as I did.