Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hair Loss

I've heard other women talk about my current problem that comes after pregnancy but I didn't ever understand the extent of it.

In the last month or so I've noticed an increasing amount of hair loss.  After each shower I carefully comb out as much loose hair as possible to minimize the effects during the day but each time I'm still surprised by the handful that ends up in the garbage.  I clean out my hairbrush daily and I pull hair off my clothes constantly.

I find hair in our food, in Catie's hands, in the car and I've already had to clean out our shower drain once.
I'm hoping this is a temporary problem that doesn't last much longer or I may have to take drastic actions with a very short haircut.


Unknown said...

I swear it gets better. With Taylor it was aweful, I thought i would be bald at the end of it all. With the triplets didn't notice it as much...I may have been to busy to notice it too thought LOL. After Taylor I went and got a short hair cut, mostly because i didn't have the time to fuss over doing my hair everyday so i opted for somthing that couls be done in a hurry. I may have short hair till the day the triplets are in Grade 1 maybe then i'll have time to do it again