Sunday, January 31, 2010

I blame the iPhone

I have multiple posts running through my head but with the purchase of the iPhone I find myself sitting down at the computer less and less. I do everything I need to do from my phone but I have no desire to type an entire blog post on it so content here has been missing.

I've recently discovered the beauty of working with felt.  It's super cheap and so much fun to use.  Michelle and I had both seen the same brilliant idea so we got together, pooled our resources and made some of these

I was about to say we whipped them up but that implies that it was a quick project and there really wasn't anything quick about cutting out and stuffing all the little pieces for 4 potato heads.  I'm not sure why we thought 4 at a time was a good idea but we're both pleased with our results.  We learned a few lessons, we're smarter now and had a great time together, yay for felt.

I'm also working on a quiet book and some adorable felt food so stay tuned.


Jenn said...

I lOVE these! Where did you get the idea?

Unknown said...

We got the idea from here, she has an awesome blog with a bunch of fun ideas.