Friday, January 1, 2010

Highlights of 2009

This year brought about some really big changes, we moved to Lethbridge, Brad started a completely new program at a new school and most importantly it brought the arrival of our Catie.  She's been such a blessing and every day is so much fun, we sure love this girl.

Highlights of 2009

  1. Skating at Olympic Oval with IRC – January 9
  2. The discovery of baby Wiebeosaurus – January 10
  3. Sunday Dinner Reunion – January 17 
  4. Games at Mike's house – February 14
  5. Valentines Day – February 14 (Flowers and cupcakes)
  6. Getting to spread our pregnancy news – March 1
  7. Hearing Wiebeosaurus' heartbeat – March 24
  8. Seeing Catie for the first time – April 22
  9. The first softball game of the season – April 29
  10. Finding a place to live in Lethbridge – May 8
  11. Sarah Slean concert – May 30
  12. Shopping for maternity clothes with Barb – June 2
  13. Brad getting accepted into UofL – June 5
  14. Trip to the lake – July
  15. Birthday dinner at La Dolce Vita – July 8
  16. Finding another place to live in Lethbridge – July 17
  17. My last day of work – August 14 
  18. Galt Garden’s picnic – August 31
  19. The arrival of Catie (minus the actual labour part) – September 12
  20. Our Halloween Catie Cat – October 31
  21. Christmas with all the family (except James and Lucy sadly)

Lowlights of 2009

  1. Meeting with a lawyer and finding out our Brenda case wasn't as good as we had initially thought - January 28
  2. Being too pregnant to play softball and the injury that followed – May 27
  3. Having our Lethbridge house fall through a week before moving day and scrambling to find something else - July 15
  4. Noisy contractors in our basement while I was trying to get our brand new baby to sleep.
  5. The flat tire we got on our way up to Calgary
  6. Our new smoker of a basement neighbor.
This year has brought about a lot of changes for us.  We moved to a new city, Brad started a new program at a new school and Catie came into our lives.  We've been so blessed and all of these changes have brought such good things for us.  We love Lethbridge, it's fun to be close to my family and we like the small town feel for a change.  Brad's program is going so well, we feel he's being really well prepared for a future career.  I can't even find words to say how grateful we are for Catie.  She's obviously been the biggest change and it's been such a fun one.  Everyday she's a little bit different and we love to see her learn new things.  She's full of smiles and giggles and turns around a bad day so quick.

I'm excited to see what 2010 brings.